Reasons Why IPhone Beats Android

IPhone eating android

IPhone symbol eating android system

There is no doubt, I like using android phones. But when my friends and family ask me about which phone to go for? I would recommend of using an IPhone. Want to know why? Well let me start from I love android phones. Its system, customized creation, hardware and software is fun using. But I live a bit more of IPhone over android. The reason of going for an IPhone is not just its platform or standard, but it is the combination of the software and its hardware that works complementary to each other. For example, live photo on IPhone 6 or 7 is the ultimate example to use. It is one of the seamless products that work without getting challenges. It functions smoothly that increases its value in the market as compare to the android phones. Well, here are some of the reasons that hoe IPhone is eligible to beat android.

IPhone beats android reasons:

  • Integration of better software and hardware is observed good as compare to the android phones. The IPhone 6 and 6S plus is introduced with totally new type of feature that no other android system would be able to copy up.
  • This feature takes IPhone to its next level. The 3D touch effect is a smart enough feature to recognize its importance. It helps in allowing you with quickly perform the actions directly from the home screen.
  • Just a long press and here you can operate your application. This feature is one of the reasons that makes IPhone stands or beats the android system. For sure the android system has offered with many quick engines but the effects of taptic engines in the new IPhone promises to be super-efficient for working prompt.
  • The feature of live photos is another reason for increasing the popularity of IPhone. Most of the unique and compelling IPhone camera result is the feature of live photo. It records the audio as well as the video of just before and just after the image is clicked.
  • Isn’t it interesting to operate such type of device? Many of the android system phones have also offered with such system like in HTC phones, using live photos is easier. In addition to that both the Facebook and the Tumblr supports the live photo concept so it offers a better grip on your memories.
  • IPhone is one of the easiest phone to operate,. It is impel and there are no more than a button on the whole phone. Just a home button and you are out of any application that is no more of your use.
  • IPhone stands in the list of one of the easiest way to use by far. Because as compared to the android system, there are no such different bars or drawers that you need to operate and get confused about.
  • No annoying overlaying process is observed while you are functioning or operating your phone. You just need to pick up your IPhone, turn it on, click on the app logo and open it for operating it further.

How To Improve Battery Life Of Your Android Device

Improve battery life of your android device with proper usage

Increase your android phone’s battery life

Battery life of android device doesn’t last forever. In fact battery lives of android device are very vulnerable if not taken proper care of. With constant use of the apps and all other stuff which people constantly do on their android device, it’s really difficult to sustain its battery life. Now of course, you cannot change the using pattern of your phone, but there are some minor but effective things which can improve battery life of your android device. Improving battery life of your android device is very must essential or else you will really get annoyed when you are in the middle of something really important like let’s say making some online payment through your phone and your battery is drained. Thus before any such situations came across you, start taking steps to improve battery life of your Phone. You have to make some little changes and you will see a big difference in improving battery life of your android device. Here are some of the ways to improve battery life of your android device.

  • Close unnecessary apps

There are many people who open app after app and then don’t even bother to close the one which they no longer use. Thus if you want to improve battery life of your android device, you must change any such habit if you have. You must always to conscious and careful and close down all the apps which you are no longer using. Android devices have availed with multitasking ability which is for sure beneficial, but this is one of the basic reasons of draining the battery life. The worst thing is that you are losing away your battery juice and that too even when you are not even using them. Leaving useless apps open can make your battery bar in half in no time. Thus, if you want to improve battery life of your android device then close all useless apps.

  • No Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or data pack when not in use

Battery is consumed whenever you android device searches for any signal. When the reception of any of the signal is poor, it will keep on scanning for receive any good connection. Repeated searches for such signals can easily make your battery level drop down a lot. Thus if you want to improve battery life of your android device than you must turn off your Wi-Fi or even Bluetooth when you don’t need them.

  • Maintain cool temperature

If you have observed anytime then you might know your batteries will run faster when they are warm. Thus if you want to improve battery life of your android device, just don’t put them in direct sunlight or in any such place which is hot. One of the things which many of the people do is to park their cars in the direct sunlight, keep their android device therein and then go. Thus your battery will drain if put in any such place. Thus try and avoid such things. Your battery will run more accurately in cooler places, thus try and keep them there.

Tips of keeping your Android Phone Up to Date

Tips of keeping your Android Phone Up to DateThe trend and having smartphones have been increased from last 5 years which you can definitely go for watching it out but practically we need to go for thinking that only getting an android phone is not enough but you need to go for keeping your android phone up to date to get the better access towards it. Yes, it is considered to be important for going of looking or keeping your android phone up to date because it will help you out in getting better functionality which is considered to be beneficial for the users. Not only that but it is you duty to get your device to make it up to date which can help you in many matters like not slowing down your phone, getting the access towards all types of application with no breakage, etc. and many more of the things which can help you in keeping your android phone up to date.

Well, there are many tips which can help you in the matters of going for keeping your android phone up to date which is considered to be the user benefits for the user. Get you android phone to be running smoothly with some of the easy tips which can help you in going for keeping your android phone up to date like by removing your battery, clearing the browser history, exiting the unused applications, etc. and many more of the factors which can be considered to be helping you while going for the process of keeping your android phone up to date.

Tips of keeping your android phone up to date

  • The first thing which you need to go for while going for keeping your android phone up to date is by removing the battery which is being installed in your phone. I know many of the people know this tip but for those of the users who do not have much knowledge if it can definitely go for trying it up.
  • Turn off your android phone and safely remove up the back cover to go for removing the battery from the phone. After removing it clean up the interior of the phone so that you can easily comply with the process and go for switching on your phone. If any of the application which is being downloaded in your phone and is not working than this trick will help you in getting with it.
  • Cleaning up the browsing history in your phone will help you in making it run smoother and faster which can be considered to keeping your android phone up to date. Cleaning up the caches is another thing which you can go for too. Go for uninstalling those of the application which you are not going to use any more because it will help you in making your phone running more of smoother which is considered to be in the benefits of the users. Not only these, there are many other tips of keeping your android phone up to date which can help you in going for taking proper care of your phone.

Reason why you need an Android Phone

Reason why you need an Android PhoneWe all are being attracted towards new phones which are being launched up in the market right and the most used amongst all of them are iPhone and the android phones. Well, for those users who are not being that much capable of going for using the iPhone can now have the better option to go for with all sorts of features which can help you in dealing with the outer world is the android phones. Yes, you heard it right. You need an android phone because we all know the facts and features which are being provided by android phones. Well, there are many reasons which can help you in getting the idea about why you need an android phone for you.

The further discussion will help you in knowing that why you need and android phone for the purpose of using. No doubt we all know that you need an android phone because it gives many of the features which are being not provided with any of the other phones like varieties of choices which you can go for, Google play store, widgets and multitasking option, etc. and many more of the features which can indicate that you need an android phone for the purpose of using its features and the look too. Not only that but you can also get the help of many companies which are in the field of making more and upgraded version of android phones which can make you need an android phone.

Reasons why you need an android phone

  • Varieties of choices

When you need an android phone than mark my words you are going to be supported with a numbers of things and choices which you can go for while using it. There are many things which can help you in making you use android phone as the choice. You can go for doing anything it that, download music, videos not only that but you can also download the whole of the movies, go for your favorite applications which you are in need of, etc. and many more of the things which can help you in providing the large varieties of options for the choices in your android phones.

  • Customizing your phone

One of the most fun things which can make you need an android phone is the customization of your phone. Yes, if you know how to customize up your phone than mark my words, android is considered to be the way which you must go for. Whereas some phones are such whereby you cannot comply with this thing and which makes the trouble in getting it done. But android phone is considered to be your thing which you can go for easily. Not only that but operating android phone is also considered to be easy and fun which the user can go for. Now you can easily change up the themes which you want to have in your android phone with the help of the option of customizing your phone.



Advantages Of Android Phone

Android DeviceAndroid is a linux based open source operating system. Android system for phone was launched on 5th November 2007. Android was designed and published by the Google.  Lots of companies are providing android phones these days as these has advantages of its own and in these current time, it is such an operating system which can compete with other operating system like IOS, blackberry and Symbian. After its launch android has shown such a massive development on its graph and has proved to be a great success in today’s time. Android is designed for touch screen devices such as smart phones, table computers, specialized user interface Android enabled vehicle and Android TV. Android uses virtual keyboard and it is also being used by the PC’s, cameras, game equipment’s and such other electronic devices. Android is the most widely used operating system and it is very prevalent in the mobile phones market. Here are some of the advantages of Android mobile phones.

  • Android is open

Android is linux based operating system. Being linux based it is open source system and thus it can be developed and used by anyone. This is one of the most important advantages of android system.

  • Multitasking

One of the very important features which every person wants from its mobile phone is multitasking. Android phones has a very special advantage a that you can run many applications at the same time. This is really a very cool feature of android devices. This means that you can download anything while listening to songs. You can even play games while listening to songs.

  • Easy access to the android app market

Owner of android are those people who are mobile phone lovers. Mobile phone lovers always love having easy access to the android apps. Thus for having applications in very easy if you are having android phones. With the help of Google android app market you can download any application of your choice for free.

  • Can Install a modified ROM

Sometimes we find an unofficial ROM. That was the version which was not in accordance with the specifications which was released for our cell phones. The last resort to combat it was modification. But yes, there is solution for this, there are many customs ROM which you can use on your android phones which will give you guarantee of not harming your device.

  • Options of phone are diverse

Android is not similar to IOS, it is very much different. IOS is limited to the iPhone from apple but it is not the case with android as it is available on various devices like Motorola, Sony Ericson, Samsung and HTC. Each of the manufacturers presents android phone in style of their own like Sony Ericson with its timescape, Motorola with its motoblur and hence you can choose your android phone as per your favorite brand.

  • Ease of notification

In your android phone, you are availed with the ease of seeing even the smallest notification like new message, e-mail or any such thing on your home screen. Thus by this you will not miss even a single mail or message.






















How to program a DIRECTV remote

DIRECTV television system promises a wealth of amazing channels, crossing over 285.Among these 160 are available in the HD mode. Now wonder, DIRECTV is a popular addition in almost every living room today. But many DIRECTV users find it complicated to program their remote. Thus, here is a short note on how to program your DIRECTV remote.

Step 1

First of all, switch on both the remote and the TV. Now, you have to find out the 5-digit TV code. Slide MODE switch placed on the remote to TV position. Then, press & hold MUTE & SELECT tabs simultaneously till a green light flashes twice on the remote top. After you see the light, release both the buttons.

Step 2

Go to the section of number buttons on your remote. Enter your TV’s 5-digit code and wait for green light to flash twice. Now, aim remote towards your TV system & press on VOLUME UP. In case you don’t find any up in the volume, try another 5-figure code for the TV. In case the remote fails in programming, even using every available code, try for the additional codes. You will definitely find at least one workable code.

Step 3

After you come up with the right code, press & hold MUTE & SELECT tabs, till the green signal lights up twice. Now, enter 9-6-0 with the help of your remote control keypad. The green signal must flash twice once more. Slide MODE tab on the remote to the TV position.
The above mentioned method was a manual one. Below is given a far easier method:

• Press on MENU button on remote.
• Select Settings and Help.
• Now, select the Remote Control.
• It would be followed by selection of Program Remote
• Follow the prompts on-screen about the remote programming.

Wireless Mobile Phone Chargers

Wireless Mobile Phone ChargersWireless mobile phone chargers are no less than a boon today. These have been designed to relieve the cell phone users from the untidy mess of wires assuring an uncluttered ambience. Are you interested to know in detail about the wirefree cell phone chargers? Well, the post below offers a brief account on these useful devices.

The wireless mobile phone chargers can not only charge your cell phone but other gadgets like tablets as well. You would just need to put your phone on wireless charging mat to charge the device. The charging mat comes up with a single wire which plugs the machine into wall but there is no wire in between charging pad & gadgets which you had been recharging. The only thing you need to do is to attach a small clip, case or accessory (based on your mobile brand) to the cell phone & lay it down on the mat.

The good news is that the latest wireless mobile charging mats are really simple to use. Once you put the phone on the mat, it would start to charge at once. Being multi-functional chargers, these wireless mats also enable you to charge up your camera or MP3 player. Some of the high-profile wireless chargers are designed to charge multiple devices simultaneously. The charging time here is as quick as that of a standard charger.

A great advantage of the wireless mobile phone chargers is that these are easily portable. Thus charging your phone with the wireless provision won’t be a problem even when you are traveling. The absence of wires also eliminates any chance of getting electric shock.

There are several models of wireless mobile phone chargers in the present tech market. Study the product reviews well before deciding on the model.

International Video Or Prepaid Calling

International Video Or Prepaid CallingLife is getting global fast with many friends and relations settled all across the world. Such a situation calls for an effective means on international communication that would help to maintain the bonds globally. Now, when it comes to international communication, international prepaid calling and international video calling are two of the most sought after solutions. But which one is more effective? The post here presents a brief overview on International Video vs Prepaid Calling.

To start with, the international prepaid calling is an earlier development than the video counterpart and most people are usually comfortable with it. Besides, the main advantage of prepaid calling cards is that it enables you to stick to a budget since the rate is determined previously. Rising phone bills are a nuisance in this age of tight money where the prepaid calling cards are surely a boon.
In regards to the international video calling you always get the “more personal” effect which is not possible with a prepaid calling service. When you have family and friends staying outside you obviously would like to get a live glimpse of them which is only possible through the video calling service. In fact, the video calling service is extremely helpful for businesses as it enables a direct contact with your clients. A direct face-to-face contact always helps in better communication of views and more effective negotiation. No wonder, more and more companies today are taking to international video conferencing that have aided in expanding their business globally- with better ease.

But, it’s to mention here that video calling is costlier than prepaid international calling and also eats up huge amount of data. However, no one can deny the personalized effect of video calling which has got it a competitive edge over prepaid calling these days. Thus, in case, you are not bothered with the money quotient, the video calling is the line for you but otherwise you always have the good old prepaid calling option.

Dial Up vs. Broadband

Dial Up vs. BroadbandLet us start by talking about what these connections actually mean. A dial-up connection as the name suggests is one connected via phone lines. As and when the phone is in use the internet connection fails to work. A broadband connection on the other hand works on the technology of a Digital Subscriber Line. It is connected through cables which makes the speed faster and more reliable. At the same time incoming and outgoing phone calls does not seem to affect or interfere with the internet in any way.

With this small introduction about both these kinds of connections it is but obvious that which one seems to be better. The simple technique which is followed by the DSL Broadband connections is that unlike the dial-up connection which converts the binary computer signals into analogue ones it just breaks the digital data into various smaller collaboration in your phone lines allowing analogue voice signals to pass at the same time as the digital information is transmitted. However with all these advantages comes a bundle of setbacks of using the DSL Broadband connections too. The Broadband is an asymmetrical network allows large files to be downloaded from the World Wide Web at a very fast speed but if you want to upload a file from your computer to the their network portals it becomes a lengthy and time consuming process. SDL broadband is also not available to every area region. It is limited to the densely populated urbanised cities depriving the rural areas from its benefits. Older style of houses and business regions are also not likely to have access to the internet Broadband.

However we should always remember that back in the 1990’s the dial up connection(which is now obsolete) was all we were open to. Inspite of its nightmarishly slow speed it connected people around the globe.

Review on iPhone 5S

Review on iPhone 5SiPhone is very popular and renowned company that has recently launched its new handset iPhone 5s. It is most branded and complex iPhone so far. It provides various facial appearances. Face book assimilation and an advanced siri make the phone more attractive for the buyers. The new design and hardware features make it easier to be carried. Here are a few reasons as to why iPhone 5s is so much in demand and is breaching the account of other iPhone handsets.

Reservations for restaurants and to revise Twitter and face book can be very easily done, without much botheration. It has an advanced voice control scheme. You have face book assimilation which allows you to like face book activities from within the I tunes and can enter to face book through other apps such as the calendar. The internal memory has been doubled from 512 MB to 1 GB. Advanced low light quality from the 8 mega pixel camera helps to click pictures easily. It also has a front camera of 1.2 mega pixel. It requires a small sim to work.

The iPhone 5s is quite thinner and lighter than any other I phones. It is made up of glass and aluminum making way lighter. It has a 4 inch touch screen display. The battery life is much important for the users it attracts the mind of people with a huge 225 hours of standby power and a remarkable 8 hours power when using a 4g network. With the large display a fifth icon is added making the users to operate easily. The 4g network means fast browsing better than 3g.

All these feature of iPhone 5s are the reasons to break records of other iPhone brands. It sales are nearly crossing 100 countries all over the world. So you must go and buy it.