The top 3 free mobile apps for all

Mobile application, applicationsWe all are addicted to our phones android Smartphones and iPhones have flooded the market. And since people are always looking for freebies, many websites offer free downloadable apps for most phones. Some of the best apps come for free, which any people do not believe-but it true. The Shazam App is an excellent application which supports iPhones and androids. You can make your own playlist, identify songs and organize it categorically in your phone.

The Box Net is another useful app. You can make an account for yourself and access up to 1GB of data from your iPhone. This is very useful a this account can be used even to store your educational and work related files and videos which might take up a lot of space in general. Finally, you should definitely download Google Mobile App to access this browser from your phone itself. It’s free and it comes handy in every step of life for all.

Is the world ready for 4G?

4G networking connections, 4GIn the world of telecommunications, the letter “G” means generation. The latest addition in the world of mobile and telecommunications is the 4G network system whose predecessor 3G was widely appreciated and useful. With the help of 4G networking, one can enjoy high speed and good quality internet services. Laptops, tabs, mobiles and personal computers-every gadget with internet access can be upgraded to use 4G connections.

4G networking connections look very promising. Today almost everyone can benefit from the internet be it for communication, work, business, educational purposes, dating, socializing, shopping, booking tickets, research etc. So with the help of 4G connections, all the work can be done faster, browsing will be fast, video conferencing and viewing will be smoother and of better quality too. Since 3G has got so much positive response, one should surely feel more comfortable and happy with 4G. Thus it is time for the world to invite 4G into people’s lives.