iPhone apps for fitness freaks

All health conscious people are eager to keep a track of their calorie intake, workout routines and medical information but in this fast paced world, this has become a daunting task indeed. However, if you are finding it difficult to keep a track of your food intake and gym sessions, worry no more. The iPhone fitness apps are here to help you to stay fit and healthy. With the help of these apps you will find it a lot easier to keep a track of the food that you eat, the exercise routine that you follow and thus enable you to stay healthy.

One of the best iPhone fitness apps is undoubtedly the iFitness. It is an extremely comprehensive app and this app developed by Medical Productions will offer you a plethora of information regarding exercise routines. Also, with the help of this iFitness app you will be able to perform your exercise routines correctly. This app provides exhaustive and extensive information about almost three hundred exercise routines complete with images and videos. You can customize the list of exercises that you want to perform and perform them without any errors. This app supports multiple users and enables you to track your progress as well. You can download this app from iTunes Store for $1.99.

Another extremely popular iPhone fitness app is the Runkeeper. This app has a built in GPS which allows it to track your fitness activities. This app is extremely user friendly and can be used easily to track walking, cycling and running. The Runkeeper app allows you to manually enter activities as well. So, you can use this app to cover the time that you spend on the treadmill everyday also. Another great feature of the Runkeeper is it can be integrated with social networking sites. You can download this app for $9.99 from the iTunes Store.