Differences Between Wireless Internet And Mobile Internet

Mobile internet and wireless internet are both very popular among the subscribers belonging to the different parts of the world. Generally, people are of the opinion that wireless internet and mobile internet are same and both the terms are used synonymously. But this is wrong because both these type of internet services are very different from each other. Before you get hold of any one of these internet services, it is essential that you have proper knowledge about the differences between the two of them.

Wireless internet came into existence much before the mobile internet came into the scenario of internet services. Wireless internet connections are most widely used in hotels and restaurants. But many homeowners have installed wireless broadband connections in their homes as well using a wireless router. The router has a certain radius within which it broadcasts the broadband signal and if your computer supports wireless connections then you can browse the internet very easily. Wireless internet connection can be set up without any difficulty and since no wires are required to set up the network your computer or laptop table will look neater and clutter free.
Alternatively, the mobile internet is surely a wireless connection but it does not work through a router. It makes use of a tower that bears a very close resemblance to a cell phone tower. This tower covers a large area and has a larger radius than that of a wireless router. The internet signals offered by the mobile internet services are much stronger than the signals offered by the wireless internet services. It is not easy to hack into a mobile internet connection and utilize it without any authorization. On the other hand, one can easily hack into the wireless internet connection and use it by just getting hold of a proper username and password.