Review on iPhone 5S

Review on iPhone 5SiPhone is very popular and renowned company that has recently launched its new handset iPhone 5s. It is most branded and complex iPhone so far. It provides various facial appearances. Face book assimilation and an advanced siri make the phone more attractive for the buyers. The new design and hardware features make it easier to be carried. Here are a few reasons as to why iPhone 5s is so much in demand and is breaching the account of other iPhone handsets.

Reservations for restaurants and to revise Twitter and face book can be very easily done, without much botheration. It has an advanced voice control scheme. You have face book assimilation which allows you to like face book activities from within the I tunes and can enter to face book through other apps such as the calendar. The internal memory has been doubled from 512 MB to 1 GB. Advanced low light quality from the 8 mega pixel camera helps to click pictures easily. It also has a front camera of 1.2 mega pixel. It requires a small sim to work.

The iPhone 5s is quite thinner and lighter than any other I phones. It is made up of glass and aluminum making way lighter. It has a 4 inch touch screen display. The battery life is much important for the users it attracts the mind of people with a huge 225 hours of standby power and a remarkable 8 hours power when using a 4g network. With the large display a fifth icon is added making the users to operate easily. The 4g network means fast browsing better than 3g.

All these feature of iPhone 5s are the reasons to break records of other iPhone brands. It sales are nearly crossing 100 countries all over the world. So you must go and buy it.