How to program a DIRECTV remote

DIRECTV television system promises a wealth of amazing channels, crossing over 285.Among these 160 are available in the HD mode. Now wonder, DIRECTV is a popular addition in almost every living room today. But many DIRECTV users find it complicated to program their remote. Thus, here is a short note on how to program your DIRECTV remote.

Step 1

First of all, switch on both the remote and the TV. Now, you have to find out the 5-digit TV code. Slide MODE switch placed on the remote to TV position. Then, press & hold MUTE & SELECT tabs simultaneously till a green light flashes twice on the remote top. After you see the light, release both the buttons.

Step 2

Go to the section of number buttons on your remote. Enter your TV’s 5-digit code and wait for green light to flash twice. Now, aim remote towards your TV system & press on VOLUME UP. In case you don’t find any up in the volume, try another 5-figure code for the TV. In case the remote fails in programming, even using every available code, try for the additional codes. You will definitely find at least one workable code.

Step 3

After you come up with the right code, press & hold MUTE & SELECT tabs, till the green signal lights up twice. Now, enter 9-6-0 with the help of your remote control keypad. The green signal must flash twice once more. Slide MODE tab on the remote to the TV position.
The above mentioned method was a manual one. Below is given a far easier method:

• Press on MENU button on remote.
• Select Settings and Help.
• Now, select the Remote Control.
• It would be followed by selection of Program Remote
• Follow the prompts on-screen about the remote programming.