Reason why you need an Android Phone

Reason why you need an Android PhoneWe all are being attracted towards new phones which are being launched up in the market right and the most used amongst all of them are iPhone and the android phones. Well, for those users who are not being that much capable of going for using the iPhone can now have the better option to go for with all sorts of features which can help you in dealing with the outer world is the android phones. Yes, you heard it right. You need an android phone because we all know the facts and features which are being provided by android phones. Well, there are many reasons which can help you in getting the idea about why you need an android phone for you.

The further discussion will help you in knowing that why you need and android phone for the purpose of using. No doubt we all know that you need an android phone because it gives many of the features which are being not provided with any of the other phones like varieties of choices which you can go for, Google play store, widgets and multitasking option, etc. and many more of the features which can indicate that you need an android phone for the purpose of using its features and the look too. Not only that but you can also get the help of many companies which are in the field of making more and upgraded version of android phones which can make you need an android phone.

Reasons why you need an android phone

  • Varieties of choices

When you need an android phone than mark my words you are going to be supported with a numbers of things and choices which you can go for while using it. There are many things which can help you in making you use android phone as the choice. You can go for doing anything it that, download music, videos not only that but you can also download the whole of the movies, go for your favorite applications which you are in need of, etc. and many more of the things which can help you in providing the large varieties of options for the choices in your android phones.

  • Customizing your phone

One of the most fun things which can make you need an android phone is the customization of your phone. Yes, if you know how to customize up your phone than mark my words, android is considered to be the way which you must go for. Whereas some phones are such whereby you cannot comply with this thing and which makes the trouble in getting it done. But android phone is considered to be your thing which you can go for easily. Not only that but operating android phone is also considered to be easy and fun which the user can go for. Now you can easily change up the themes which you want to have in your android phone with the help of the option of customizing your phone.



Advantages Of Android Phone

Android DeviceAndroid is a linux based open source operating system. Android system for phone was launched on 5th November 2007. Android was designed and published by the Google.  Lots of companies are providing android phones these days as these has advantages of its own and in these current time, it is such an operating system which can compete with other operating system like IOS, blackberry and Symbian. After its launch android has shown such a massive development on its graph and has proved to be a great success in today’s time. Android is designed for touch screen devices such as smart phones, table computers, specialized user interface Android enabled vehicle and Android TV. Android uses virtual keyboard and it is also being used by the PC’s, cameras, game equipment’s and such other electronic devices. Android is the most widely used operating system and it is very prevalent in the mobile phones market. Here are some of the advantages of Android mobile phones.

  • Android is open

Android is linux based operating system. Being linux based it is open source system and thus it can be developed and used by anyone. This is one of the most important advantages of android system.

  • Multitasking

One of the very important features which every person wants from its mobile phone is multitasking. Android phones has a very special advantage a that you can run many applications at the same time. This is really a very cool feature of android devices. This means that you can download anything while listening to songs. You can even play games while listening to songs.

  • Easy access to the android app market

Owner of android are those people who are mobile phone lovers. Mobile phone lovers always love having easy access to the android apps. Thus for having applications in very easy if you are having android phones. With the help of Google android app market you can download any application of your choice for free.

  • Can Install a modified ROM

Sometimes we find an unofficial ROM. That was the version which was not in accordance with the specifications which was released for our cell phones. The last resort to combat it was modification. But yes, there is solution for this, there are many customs ROM which you can use on your android phones which will give you guarantee of not harming your device.

  • Options of phone are diverse

Android is not similar to IOS, it is very much different. IOS is limited to the iPhone from apple but it is not the case with android as it is available on various devices like Motorola, Sony Ericson, Samsung and HTC. Each of the manufacturers presents android phone in style of their own like Sony Ericson with its timescape, Motorola with its motoblur and hence you can choose your android phone as per your favorite brand.

  • Ease of notification

In your android phone, you are availed with the ease of seeing even the smallest notification like new message, e-mail or any such thing on your home screen. Thus by this you will not miss even a single mail or message.