Dial Up vs. Broadband

Dial Up vs. BroadbandLet us start by talking about what these connections actually mean. A dial-up connection as the name suggests is one connected via phone lines. As and when the phone is in use the internet connection fails to work. A broadband connection on the other hand works on the technology of a Digital Subscriber Line. It is connected through cables which makes the speed faster and more reliable. At the same time incoming and outgoing phone calls does not seem to affect or interfere with the internet in any way.

With this small introduction about both these kinds of connections it is but obvious that which one seems to be better. The simple technique which is followed by the DSL Broadband connections is that unlike the dial-up connection which converts the binary computer signals into analogue ones it just breaks the digital data into various smaller collaboration in your phone lines allowing analogue voice signals to pass at the same time as the digital information is transmitted. However with all these advantages comes a bundle of setbacks of using the DSL Broadband connections too. The Broadband is an asymmetrical network allows large files to be downloaded from the World Wide Web at a very fast speed but if you want to upload a file from your computer to the their network portals it becomes a lengthy and time consuming process. SDL broadband is also not available to every area region. It is limited to the densely populated urbanised cities depriving the rural areas from its benefits. Older style of houses and business regions are also not likely to have access to the internet Broadband.

However we should always remember that back in the 1990’s the dial up connection(which is now obsolete) was all we were open to. Inspite of its nightmarishly slow speed it connected people around the globe.

Increase your internet speed-5 basic steps

Increase internet speed, internet boostingThe first thing that you have to do for increasing the internet speed of your computer is get rid of the files and folders that are not being used by you. If the machine is overloaded, the internet will be slow. It is very important to get the hard disc of the computer de-cluttered in order to get a higher internet performance.

Secondly, if there are programs that are not in use, you should get rid of them at once. You will be able to see the entire list of the programs from your control panel. If you see that the status is showing that the programs are used rarely, you could delete them. Thirdly, you should always do a defragmentation of the disk at least twice a month. Fourthly, you should not have programs that are not necessary to load at the time of startup. Fifthly, you should do a disk clean up frequently.

Easy internet access in rural areas

Internet access in rural areas, internetIf you are living in a rural area, you will know that the internet connection and the options associated with it will be different from how it is the metropolitan areas. In the modern times, fast connectivity of the internet is important for both personal and business purposes.

In most cases, the people in the rural areas are left with the option of dial up connections only. This problem can be solved by the implementation of satellite internet. This will give you an internet connection of high speed in areas where the only facility is dial up connection. It generally happens that you get a slower connectivity of the internet when you live in an area that is far away from the urban hub. With the help of the satellite internet, even those areas would be able to get high speed internet accessibility. Therefore the rural areas would not have to lag behind when it comes to internet accessibility.