Reasons Why IPhone Beats Android

IPhone eating android

IPhone symbol eating android system

There is no doubt, I like using android phones. But when my friends and family ask me about which phone to go for? I would recommend of using an IPhone. Want to know why? Well let me start from I love android phones. Its system, customized creation, hardware and software is fun using. But I live a bit more of IPhone over android. The reason of going for an IPhone is not just its platform or standard, but it is the combination of the software and its hardware that works complementary to each other. For example, live photo on IPhone 6 or 7 is the ultimate example to use. It is one of the seamless products that work without getting challenges. It functions smoothly that increases its value in the market as compare to the android phones. Well, here are some of the reasons that hoe IPhone is eligible to beat android.

IPhone beats android reasons:

  • Integration of better software and hardware is observed good as compare to the android phones. The IPhone 6 and 6S plus is introduced with totally new type of feature that no other android system would be able to copy up.
  • This feature takes IPhone to its next level. The 3D touch effect is a smart enough feature to recognize its importance. It helps in allowing you with quickly perform the actions directly from the home screen.
  • Just a long press and here you can operate your application. This feature is one of the reasons that makes IPhone stands or beats the android system. For sure the android system has offered with many quick engines but the effects of taptic engines in the new IPhone promises to be super-efficient for working prompt.
  • The feature of live photos is another reason for increasing the popularity of IPhone. Most of the unique and compelling IPhone camera result is the feature of live photo. It records the audio as well as the video of just before and just after the image is clicked.
  • Isn’t it interesting to operate such type of device? Many of the android system phones have also offered with such system like in HTC phones, using live photos is easier. In addition to that both the Facebook and the Tumblr supports the live photo concept so it offers a better grip on your memories.
  • IPhone is one of the easiest phone to operate,. It is impel and there are no more than a button on the whole phone. Just a home button and you are out of any application that is no more of your use.
  • IPhone stands in the list of one of the easiest way to use by far. Because as compared to the android system, there are no such different bars or drawers that you need to operate and get confused about.
  • No annoying overlaying process is observed while you are functioning or operating your phone. You just need to pick up your IPhone, turn it on, click on the app logo and open it for operating it further.