Tips to block unknown callers

Are you frustrated with prank calls and unknown callers driving you insane in the middle of the night? Well, people especially young women face these kinds of situations often. Some nuisance callers just for the sake of irritating others do such calls. But you should not get tensed and act sensibly to block such unknown callers.

Firstly, you must find out the owner of the number from which you are getting the calls. You can use the reverse number look up facility to find out about the caller. Then, you can try to speak to the caller and make him understand that you are getting annoyed and you will be forced to take legal action against him if calls do not stop.

If this does not work, you can complain to your network service provider to block the number and hence they will not connect any call from the number to you. You can also keep your phone in the voice mail mode and receive only calls from known people.